Nexus-New: Metal to the Marlin-Plastics for Sailfish

HTC is going to add body to the next Nexus phones that will be represented in two different materials. The one in the metal and the other in plastic.

It has already emerged that HTC will be the manufacturer of the next Nexus phones, which is expected sometime later this year. Recently also showed the first specifications up, and most recently showed a video, how they suspected two phones might come to look like.

Until now we have only heard about, that it should be by the Interior specifications, to the two upcoming phones comes to differ from each other, but also in building material there comes to be a difference, recounts Nexusblog from sources in HTC’s hinterland.

The large 5.5 inch model, who goes by the name Marlin is rumored to have a metallic finish, as we know from HTC 10, while the smaller version called Sailfish will be formed in plastic material.

Front on Sailfish will still be represented in the metal while it is back there will be adorned by a plastic surface. It is made for, to be able to keep the cost down on this model as it will be, in the similar way with Nexus 5 x last year, the more cost-conscious version of the two.

With these new information are also some new pictures have been leaked, which looks like some of it we’ve seen before, but nevertheless also differs a bit. The images of, respectively, Marlin and Sailfish can be seen in the gallery below, but must of course be taken with a grain of salt.


Specifications on Nexus phones (Sailfish and Marlin)

Processor: Quad-core from Qualcomm (820/821)
Screen: 5 “(Sailfish) and 5.5” (Marlin) QHD (1,440 x 2,560 pixels) AMOLED
Camera: 12 megapixel front, 8 megapixel rear
Storage: 32 GB (Sailfish/Marlin) and 128 GB (Marlin)
Battery: 2,770 mAh (Sailfish) and 3,450 mAh (Marlin)
Software: Android 7.0 Nougat
Other: USB C-port, Bluetooth 4.2, speakers at the bottom, fingerprint reader on the back
Price: Yet unknown