New Videos Showing iPhone 7-Clone Forward in High Quality

In two new videos from the vekendte YouTubere, TLD and Austin Evans, will be an iPhone 7-dummy shown above and compared with its predecessor.

When we talk about the speculation for the next iPhone launch, so there are overodnet seen three types of stories. They are coming with new rumors, they contradict them again and finally the stories that confirm the rumors.

This time around we have a hold in the last category, taking in a couple of videos from the two high-profile Tech-YouTubere gets showcased a dummy version of the new iPhone 7. We have previously referred to the videos of the upcoming iPhone, but here we are talking about some of the first showings of the proper quality.

The first video is from YouTube since the TLD where Jonathan Morrison stands in front of the camera, and he shows iPhone-clone 7 side-by-side with iPhone 6S. The result is as expected, and there is nothing about this model, which immediately depart from the rumours we have heard until now.

This dummy text is without the minijack, the has gotten a bigger camera bump on the back and the antenna bands are now finding along the edges-i.e. nothing new under the Sun.

Nevertheless, gives Morrison one of the most thorough reviews of the phone, we’ve seen so far, and are you interresseret in the new iPhone, then you should so look below.

If the video was not enough, or if you just want to see a little more about the upcoming iPhone, so Austin Evans’s video is also worth a look.

He’s like TLD got his fingers in an iPhone 7 clone, but he takes it one step further and provides information on its aims and dimensions, as well as the importance of the larger camera range on the back of the phone.

Now it is, of course, only product examples, as we look at the videos, and Apple still has the option to include things that we have not yet completely familiar with. It could URf.eks. be a water repellent abilityand/or a completely new and updated homeknap -both rumors which have long flourished.

All in all, it will be exciting to see how much of what we expect, there’s going to be true, and whether Apple has something extra hidden up his sleeve.

It all becomes very fortunately, we soon learn, and should we believe recent forlydenheder, then lands iPhone 7-series in the first stores the 16. September, and a launch event will probably take place 1-2 weeks before.