New Store Advincula Vianna

I’m a fan of parts of Andreia Vianna for some time. Since I met her, I follow your work and use your creations and I think she uses unusual combinations of materials and colors, and their models are unique – even the most “basic” has a special, is a jump, a mooring or different buckle.

New Store Advincula Vianna

You may already have seen some of my purchases that I used in my “looks of the day: Python sandal, sandal fringes and peep ankle boot .

And it was with great joy that I was prestige release from it in your brand new store in Sao Paulo from information on FashionConfidentials. The choice was a charming old house with vintage tiles and details super original, in a small village in the Higienópolis in São Paulo. The store is one of those charming not only for parts, but also by the décor and all the warm climate – coffee and cake, plus a bench in the garden!

New Store Advincula Vianna 3

The new collection is full of winter desire parts and was well in doubt to choose my favorites: the powerful Gladiator with cutouts, the mooring sandal with saltinho square and leather Bootie with at are in the top 3. Oh, and also has the men’s shoe Oxford type and the mule, bet the designer. As always Advincula nailed it and created another collection with timeless pieces, super versatile and statement -I say this because I think their peers don’t go unnoticed, play productions.

New Store Advincula Vianna 2

Are all invited to meet the new brand and space for those who want inspiration of how to use your pieces, just keep an eye on my looks, well, turns and moves I put my models for game! Follow the urges her to give the news.

New Store Advincula Vianna 1