Netflix Includes a Mode for Children That Eventually Children Will Want to Use

One of the favorite features of Netflix is that you can create different accounts to personalize the experience. That includes accounts categorized as for children, where obviously the content It is filtered so that kids end up not seeing Babadook in a dismissal.

However, apart from the personalization of content, the children the Netflix application mode was basically the same. A Dark interface and mysterious, full of menus and scrolls to that Netflix has accustomed us, but that may complicate unnecessarily the experience for children.

With the latest update children are introduced several changes in the way to make the experience more pleasant and simple in tablets. The interface now has white background and includes a succession at the top of bubbles with the main characters various series.

(Almost) up to a baby could use it

I’m not saying that you should plant the tablet in front of the face of your children and give end your work, but children are growing more breaded with new technologies and certainly sooner rather that later will want to use the application by itself to determine what will entertain.

Although they do not know to read, be lost between menus or have no way to find the category are classified the Teletubbies, new bubbles present in the top do not result in error, by showing several very recognizable characters such as Sonic, a loving bear or Shrek. “Ah, here’s the Teletubbie,” how easy. By touching on them opens the tab of his series to view the videos easily.

This update also includes some Corrections by submitting content to Android TV and Fire TV and some bug fixes.

Netflixvaria according to the device

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