My Mix and The Revolution of Xiaomi, Is This The Future of The Market for Smartphones?

No doubt, today has been the day of Xiaomi. Media by nature, Chinese manufacturer not the big events, like too leaving for the innovations of its populated range of devices more modest presentations, today expands with my Note 2 and its accessory star, new glasses from my VR virtual reality.

However, the most important news of the event organized by Xiaomi has been an unexpected ‘One More Thing’ in the style of Apple, a sorpreson in the form of ‘no frames’ Smartphone called my Mix, and that with the invaluable help of Philippe Starck has left speechless to the world.

The successful Chinese firm had a goal clear: eliminate at a stroke this aura of lack of innovation that surrounded them, the fame of copycats that pursues them and that many times is quite justifiable. Has no one compared to the Mi Note 2 with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

However, his idea was not the present a concept of futuristic and little feasible smartphone those who many teach, but who end up staying in water of Borage, but teach something shocking and so likely to hit the market starting next week. That Yes, in very limited and only in the Chinese market.

To Mix my Xiaomi – not to be confused with the recently analyzed my Max – attributes you are plenty to govern the catalogue of the Chinese manufacturer with an iron fist, but it is that your attractive appearance and some of the mills which integrates to achieve this finish virtually without frames let you also good place for compete directly for the throne of the Android platform.

My Mix, the ‘giant-killing’ of Xiaomi

The Chinese manufacturer did not want to leave anything out, but we’ll leave for later analysis of a attractive design by Philippe Starck in base in ceramic materials, adhesives and a front use, simply stunning.

This time we will talk about the best hardware that you can get nowadays, crowned by a screen fully protagonist, of 6.4 inches and 2.040 x 1080 pixel resolution, which leaves the density in 362 pixels per inch to ensure a correct rather than user experience and that is made with IPS technology.

Encourage them is borne by a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with four-core Kyro up to 2.35 GHz and Adreno GPU 530, accompanied this time by a configuration of memory that we can choose between two models: the with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory and another called my Mix 18K climbing up to 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Does not lack connectivity complete up to LTE, a NFC that appears to meet the expectations, c-type USB, fingerprint reader, sound in high definition (192 kHz / 24-bit), 16 and 5 megapixel camera and a camera 4,400 mAh battery compatible with quick charge.

All this in a thickness of 7.9 mm and with a weight of 209 grams, which is not bad considering its size. And all this also starting from some justifiable 500 euros to change for the basic model, rising to 550 EUR in the case of an Mi Mix 18 K for which there is still no release date.

Goodbye mark! Hello future of smartphones?

The design of the new Mix my Xiaomi should you allow space to party so everyone can digest what the Chinese manufacturer is proposing, and then analyse if this moves the Smartphone market or if eventually you’ll be only a design exercise as it was in its day the Galaxy Note Samsung Edge.

The truth is that it is not the first time that we see some manufacturer minimize their devices the most frames, indeed Sharp surprised us a while ago with a range Aquos Crystal very similar in concept to the my Mix of Xiaomi, which maintains a small bottom frame to accommodate some components.

As you may have seen, the front is dominated by a panel of 6.4 inches required by new technologies to avoid the space that proximity sensors, speakers, front camera, etc normally occupy.

Thus, we will see a proximity sensor that uses ultrasound and standing behind the screen, a front-facing camera 50% smaller that is placed on the bottom frame and a system called “Cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” will use the vibrations on the glass to replace the traditional calls speaker.

Front use cared for and leave to the Mix my Xiaomi as the smartphone that best leverages its market size.


Xiaomi my Mix

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

8 Matt Huawei

Sony Xperia XA

Nubia Z11

Sharp Aquos Crystal

High (mm) 158.8 153.5 150.9 157.1 164.2 151.8 131
Width (mm) 81.9 73.9 72.6 80.6 79.4 72.3 67
Screen (inch) 6.4 5.7 5.5 6 6 5.5 5
Ratio size/screen 84.16% 80.94% 76.09% 78.39% 76.08% 75.84% 78.42%

The debate will come when we can try it, because the truth is that models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge they are not entirely comfortable to use with the display at the edge, especially at certain times. Erroneous keystrokes on the frame will make us despair at times with a smartphone which, however, is impeccable in design.

The same thing happens to the Nubia Z11, which opts to provide functionality to the frames with some gestures with a screen stretched to the sides.

Many will ask to see this Mix my Xiaomi If it will be convenient to grab without cover or pressing the touchpad from accidentally, and this is also our greatest doubt, that we will clarify as soon as we can take the glove that is already one of the most attractive smartphones in 2016.

Is this the future of the Smartphone market? Since it is early to talk about it, although We doubt very much that short-term Xiaomi mark trend with a design that Sharp failed to popularize all

Perhaps these doubts with the convenience make us to be cautious, and although it is true that the relationship between size and display will continue to improve, the user experience should be first and foremost and my Mix must demonstrate that your bet is likely already in hand and running.

Xiaomi work is already done, now to wait upon arrival and, meanwhile, leave it it in all its glory in a picture that shows him in detail: