Michael Kors Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: between Black and Color

While there are few male collections in the New York fashion week, is always appreciated that you brands as prestigious as Michael Kors spend a considerable percentage of male fashion.

For the Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 hopes us, in fact, more of the same: leather, long black and colorful coats. And something that has surprised me much and evil, which is the stamped military. After an apparent disappearance of this pattern in the fore, it reappears in the hands of Michael Kors.

The Black It has been the dominant color, in the form of coats, leather chupas and jackets. Although they have been few notes of color, have managed to see coats of very bright colors, as the electric blue and orange, in the wake of designers that are added to give joy to winter clothing.

In addition to much black and brightly colored coats, have also highlighted the shirts of earthy colors and the pattern of camouflage, both pants and jackets and accessories. If you want to see these and other many items in the collection such as suits (very simple, but very good details of the zippers on lapels), just give the play:

How about the Michael Kors collection for winter coming?