Medion Life S5004: Aldi Offer in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Medion life S5004 makes nothing really wrong, really stands out but also in any discipline. The display is just high res enough, the operating pace somewhat leisurely, camera performance in order. Correctly score can the Smartphone with its chic housing, the pleasant feel and the dual-SIM feature. Who don’t mind the HD display and waived speed records at the pace of work, can strike at the offer of Aldi North (from the 14.07.2016). Those who insist on a better screen, must throw at least 40 euros, and relies on the full-HD shelf, such as the honor 5C. Best price on the Internet: 174,00 euro * per order this product on Amazon light and handy dual SIM contra battery firmly installed assessment of editorial satisfying user rating now write a long it’s been, that a Medion smartphone at Aldi is waiting for buyers. The food discounter now has a model of his technology House brand offer with the Medion life S5004. Currently, there are the S5004 for $199 from the Medion Web shop or from Amazon. Aldi Nord undercuts this price: AB 14 July the mid-range Smartphone there is to have for 159 euros. A good offer? Our site makes the practice test for you.

Practice test: Medion life S5004

Elegant salt shaker

The Medion life S5004 is about as big as a Samsung Galaxy S7, but much lighter. 6001, compared with other smartphone of manufacturer, about the Medion life X the phone looks quite elegant and cute. A chic aluminium frame wrapped in the non-slip plastic back, which is non-removable battery can be so not changed. For this, there is a compartment for two micro-SIM cards (dual SIM) using the volume buttons on the left side of the housing. Right are the switch as well as an additional compartment for a microsd card. The keys on the Smartphone wiggle and rattle part one shakes the device with your eyes closed, could be smooth’s a unusually shaped salt shaker. Besides the Medion life S5004 convinced but with good processing and pleasant to the touch.

Resolves 5-inch display only in HD

The display of the Medion life S5004 is five inches (12.7 centimeters) tall and represents the contents with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. For the higher resolution full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the buyer must put somewhat more on the table. There are devices with such displays from 200 euro, about the honor 5C. The screen of the Medion life S5004 is not crisp sharp at taking a closer look, the contrast slightly low. Indoors, the brightness is sufficient, for accurate reading when the sun shines, the display is slightly too dark. Colors look also faded. Good on the other hand: The viewing angle is quite large, the screen stays off even from the side well to recognize.

Outdated Android, much bloatware

Schade: the resource-saving Android 6.0 Marshmallow has on the S5004 failed. Instead, buyers with the previous version must Android 5.1 come from lollipop. Many unnecessary, Medion installed apps (so-called bloatware) stuck on the Smartphone. So eat disk space for example equal to five camera and photo-editing programs although there is a regular application for the snap. The battery is a slightly below-average capacity of 2,320 mah. The Medion mobile phone via Wi-Fi in the older n-standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, as well as via Bluetooth 4.0 makes connections. The Smartphone also dominated the fast data connection LTE. You must avoid the Medion life S5004 on NFC.

Overview: the best smartphones

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Eight-core processor Inside

An eight core processor from Qualcomm ensures the drive. The Snapdragon 415 cycles with 8 x 1, that sounds almost undersized when compared to the current Smartphone generation 36 ghz. The operating speed is somewhat slow, for the normal user, it should be sufficient but the everyday tasks. For complex 3D games like asphalt Nitro up thin performance air, noticed small hitch. Benchmark tests Geekbench 3 and gfxbench map the Medion life S5004 in the environment of the elderly Samsung Galaxy S4 a.

Cost-effective storage expansion possible

1 gigabyte (GB) of memory is the processor. Large internal memory of 16 GB provides room for movies, music and photos. During commissioning of the Medion life S5004 over 10 GB are free. The storage space to up to 64 GB can be expanded with a microsd memory card.

Camera for summer feelings

The rear-view camera of the Medion life S5004 has 13 megapixels and take photos of slightly noisy photos. The objects are further away, the more noise is striking. Snapshots show slightly a few details and are slightly overexposed. Colors look unnaturally warm out there come summer feelings up even in dirty weather. The HDR mode brightens the picture artificially and reinforced the image noise. Detail shots are slightly out of focus, but is quite impressive for a mid-range device. The front camera shoots sharp and colourful self-portraits with its 5 megapixels. Only the overexposed background are on Selfies occasion to complain. The recorded videos in full HD, not convince: they are noisy and too bright, when playing on a Smartphone come films stalled. Sample images from the Medion life S5004, as well as by the comparison test device Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article for the download.

Big brother at Medion available

A 5-inch Smartphone is now too small and who want to remain in the Medion Cosmos, should look at is the Medion life S5504. That is slightly larger with its 5.5 inch, the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels remains the same however. This memory with its 2 gigabytes is generously sized and also the internal memory doubled its size to 32 gigabytes. Other distinctive features: the front camera bought Medion 3 mega pixel more, 8 Megapixels are thus available, while the battery grows to 2,500 mah. The callee 249 euros it’s too expensive but around 90 euros more expensive than offering Aldi! In such regions of price there are better devices, about the honor of 5 C or the Moto G4 by Lenovo.

Medion S5004: prices and availability

The Medion life S5004 is from July 14, 2016 for 159 euros at Aldi Nord available and therefore compared with the suggested retail price of the manufacturer’s whopping 40 euros cheaper. The larger S5504 249 euros and currently obtained Medion exclusively online, (stand: 8 July 2016) but not in stock.