LG X Screen, Analysis: Thus Behaves The Big Bet of LG in The Middle Range

LG is a manufacturer, especially in recent times, known for its high-end terminals, but not focus only on this range, but it also bet on the range medium and low. Although they are capable of doing almost revolutionary products in the high-end, in the lower ranges still have enough room for improvement.

On this occasion, have decided to bring three models for the range average, LG X Power, LG X Cam and our protagonist, these being the LG X Screen. Each of them has a quality differential, being the last attribute to have a secondary screen, like the one of LG V20, for shortcuts.

In this analysis we will see strong and weaknesses of this terminal which, despite not being wrong for the day to day, There are things that LG can improve enough When one speaks of the mid-range and entry. We will start to see the technical specifications of this LG X Screen to open mouth.

Specifications without fanfare, but sufficient for basic use

LG X Screen is a terminal that will be good for more standard usage, as they may be called, chats, social networks, or simple games. We will see that we need a sensor of footprints in this terminal, but We do have things as popular as the NFC or one FM radio. We can also see that at certain times some specs left us short.

LG X Screen, specifications
Physical dimensions 142.6 x 71.8 x 7.1 mm120 gr.
Screen 4,93 inches
Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, 298 ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 306
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 256 GB
Version Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Connectivity LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g / / GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS support4.1 Bluetooth A2DPFM radio
Cameras Rear: 13 f/2.2 MP with autofocus, LED flash, HDR and 1080 p videoFront: 8 MP
Battery Battery Li-Ion, 2,300 mAh, non-removable
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Starting price €193,48

Let’s start by the brain of this terminal, the rather than crushed Snapdragon 410, that even though it has proven to be more than competent, being a terminal of 2016 could have opted for the Snapdragon 415, slightly higher and more efficient. This processor they accompany a sufficient 2 GB RAM.

In terms of storage, we have some 16 GB that it antojarán enough if you’re not demanding, but if shorts are you sometime you can extend it with a up to 256 GB microSD card. It is not that it is a lot of storage, but at least it is far from those that just gave you for a pair of normal games and the Basic app.

Screen LG X Screen brings is of 4,93 inches with HD resolution, that is not very high, but we are in this size at which that resolution is still permissible. As it can not be otherwise, the screen uses IPS technology, which we will discuss in a few lines.

In terms of connectivity, LG does not hesitate to put a NFC chip, the popular FM radio, as well as LTE, of course. Moreover we have GPS GLONASS, 4.1 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA as notable features.

In terms of connectivity, we can say that LG has put everything, including an FM radio, but some of the specifications, that Yes, they are a both fair

As cameras will see normal specifications, before taking a sensor of 13 MP with Aperture f/2.2, autofocus, and videotaping FullHD. Front will have a Chamber of 8 MP with Aperture f/2.4, more than enough for the selfies by the majority, although it does not have a flash for very low light conditions.

Perhaps looser of this terminal in terms of specifications is your battery, that is a very short 2,300 mAh. Taking into account that it is not removable and not available fast-loading, at the end of the day could, depending on the type of user you are, be a small challenge.

In short, small, a sufficient memoir is a medium-low range mobile processor somewhat fair, a screen relatively and a battery that offers us a bit short for someone in need of intensive use at some point. Fortunately, in terms of connectivity it is missing us practically nothing.

Comfortable in the hand, but rather slippery design

Lately there is boom called terminals ‘premium’, receiving this name phones built with glass or metal. This Screen X is no exception, being the back of glass and metal edges. As usual with any mobile glass, It is a bit slippery and fingerprints are easily.

Doing our usual review, will start from the front and, at the same time, the differential of the terminal. We find your screen of 4,93 inches with the LG logo below and over see the front camera, sensors, speaker for calls and its 1.73 inch secondary display.

The camera front, by the way, will see her next to the secondary screen, giving the feeling that “it breaks” into your space, but this is something that also happens in the V10 LG and LG V20, so no wonder.

Frames can be somewhat improved taking into account that the buttons are on the screen and the side edges could have been adjusted a little more. We are back with the typical, camera, LED flash and the logo of LG again. The rear, as we said, is glass and the footprints are very visible shortly after having it on hand.

Is not a terminal that stands out visually, and perhaps could have improved a bit the subject of bezels, especially the sides.

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At the top we see only a cancellation microphone, while at the bottom we have the jack of 3.5 mm, connector microUSB and speaker. On the left side we find the volume buttons and on the right with the power and the tray to put the nanoSIM and microSD card. If you use the microSD, there will only be room for a nanoSIM.

Buttons, they do not protrude over nor dance in their positions. Pulsation can be done without problem, since they are too soft nor too hard. The buttons for volume, in addition, they can do as shortcuts by double-clicking. Double-clicking the e climb will make you a screenshot, while with the below takes you directly to the camera.

In summary, it is not an ugly terminal and if very light thanks to its 120 grams and comfortable size, but We miss the edges were a little tighter, We know that LG is perfectly capable of módena to build compact phones for the size you have.

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A display with good visibility outdoors and a high school that works pretty well

As we previously mentioned, the LG X Screen brings a display of 4,93 inches and HD resolution quite properly, resulting in a density of 298 ppp. The technology used, as it cannot be otherwise, is IPS good quality.

In relation to the angles of view there is no problem, looks almost to perfection at all times, although it may ease with which are the footprints you finish a little clogging. Outdoor, to put the brightness to maximum, vision is more than adequate, and can see the content relatively trouble-free. The average brightness is that Yes, somewhat low.

As for the touch panel, this responds without any problem at all times, perhaps not so quickly that it has the high range, but hardly delayed. This good feeling is maintained when you use the double-tap to wake up or turn off the device. In this aspect there is no objection.

On the screen, there are no complaints with their angles of vision, its visibility in the light of the Sun or its touch sensitivity. The secondary display, although useful, with a battery so just ends up note spending posed.

We are going to dedicate a small space to the secondary screen, which stays on at all times. When the main screen is turned on, you can show shortcuts, icons to the most used apps, a message configured by ti or music playback. Of course, also it will let you see the notifications without having to leave your application.

When the main screen is off, the brightness of the secondary is reduced to show you the time, date, and battery, although it can show you also what was said in the previous paragraph by dragging. When browsing through this small screen you will not have problems, It is also very precise and responds instantly.

What if I have noticed is that if you look at certain angle, there are in that area a small light leak making sure the mini display is not so darkened. In addition, as already I will explain in its corresponding section, although it aims to save battery power, this screen to be lit all the time, also spends.

Acceptable performance and a rather fair autonomy

As a reminder, it is worth mentioning that it brings a processor Snapdragon 410, four cores at 1.2 GHz and 2 GB RAM. On paper they are specifications for a normal user who do not need to run complex applications, although a little less modest processor we miss.

The performance itself, works pretty well, although can not compare with, for example, the Moto G4 Play already analyzed, basically because there is a layer of personalization which, in conjunction with the hardware, makes you notice this decrease in performance with respect to the American terminal on Android.

When you open applications is where we noticed that the hardware is rather limited, and is that in several cases it has taken a little more than the account to run them, but in any case it has forced a closure of any application. With games starting to be demanding it may be necessary to do a little exercise of patience, but for a user undemanding will pay well.

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The section in which perhaps has to be harder is in the battery, and already we can imagine him watching her figure, 2,300 mAh, a quantity is very little view lately. Battery, as we have already said, is not removable, so you’ll have to pull with her life. In addition, you may need to charge the mobile in a short time, you’ll get a disappointment by not having fast charge.

During the days that we have been able to prove it, reach the end of the day wasn’t too difficult if not you gave a fairly intensive use, but even so it does not exactly fresh. We have managed to almost 3 hours of screen brightness to 30% more or less, and giving a basic use to mobile (phone, chat, email and some social networking).

That Yes, it is best not to run games for a long time, since We will begin to notice how low the battery at full speed. The secondary screen, moreover, also has its spending to stay on all the time, and will inevitably affect even more low autonomy. It is a pity that does not come with more battery, because this makes it lose some integers.

Benchmarks LG X Screen(Snapdragon 410)
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 4.310
Geekbench 4 Single-Core: 511 pointsMulti-Core: 1,312 points
AnTuTu 28.149 points
EPIC Citadel Ultra High Quality: 29.9 FPS
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 2.105 pointsMetal: 853 pointsMulticore: 1,174 points
Quadrant 14.176 points

One sufficient camera, but with improved dynamic range

On paper, the X Screen camera does not paint badly with a sensor of 13 MP, Aperture f/2.2, LED flash, autofocus and FullHD video recording. We find a sensor on the front of 8 MP, Aperture f/2.4 and FullHD video recording. It does not have an LED flash, although you can use the screen to simulate one.

Although in terms of specifications is not bad, it is best not to declare victory, because although in ideal conditions it makes good pictures, as any other terminal, When we add elements such as shadows or sunset, the camera starts to show its limitations. Photos that Yes, soar quickly.

In comparison to other terminals in its price, as the Moto G4 Play, the photos have a rather poor dynamic range, and if you do pictures at sunset you can start to see the images somewhat yellowish or orange. Places in the shadow will be too dark to distinguish them well.

Taking into account the type of phone that we are talking about, When night falls the pictures lose quality, taking note that we are talking about a range lower middle and the limited hardware of the camera. We are still noticing that poor dynamic range, even though it leverages well the light of lanterns.

One of the more or less common defects in the Chambers of LG is the watercolor effect, that we see here also traces, especially at night, in Exchange for reducing the amount of noise. LED flash, that if, really powerful, something common, also in mobile phones from LG, but we run the risk that the image is burned if we closely.

The camera interface is quite simple, taking the most common options by hand. What if it shows, especially for those who want variety, is the absence of beyond the automatic modes and simple. We miss less manual modes, although they are limited to “play” with photographs.

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Typical LG software

If everyone knows something, it is that LG puts its layer of customization on Android. On this occasion we have Marshmallow with the LG UI interface. As a curiosity, by default the interface appears without drawer of applications, feature opened in the G5 LG, but if you go to settings and then to display, you can download the UI with the apps drawer.

It has a medium amount of bloatware installed, where we find apps as LG Backup, Smart World (that store that no one uses), Remote Call Service or your own e-mail app. None of those applications can be uninstalled without root, although in general do not hinder the experience of use of the terminal.

The 16 GB that brings the terminal, you can use more than 10 GB for your applications, photos, music and other files, although they is not enough always you can resort to the microSD card. The security fix that comes the LG X Screen is July this year, Another aspect to improve.

The experience of application by the interface is good, There are no delays desperate when it comes to going from one home screen to another, access the applications drawer or the settings panel, everything is produced with enough ease and fluidity. That Yes, don’t expect a performance as good as which is pure Android prouciria.

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LG X Screen, Xataka Android view

I took some time on Android, and LG has always been one of the manufacturers who have needed to work enough in the middle range and input, and to prove this terminal I see that they have experienced some improvement and, in addition, they have endeavoured to give unique features to their phones, however, still needs to be improved.

It is true that we are talking about a cheap mobile phone, but the processor is already slightly obsolete (what does not remove that you work well), and your battery is too short for someone who wants to give you a medium use, at risk of not reaching the end of the day, especially if we are talking about there is a small screen secunaria, although very little, consumes the battery.

Speaking of the secondary screen, this I liked enough, It works very well, it does not give any problem and I am curious to see what other functions could be a beast as the LG V20. Something always interesting is also the comfort with which you can fasten the terminal, but to be something slippery and keep fingerprints detract from its charm.

I miss a fingerprint sensor to add security to the mobile and a manual mode (although limited) to play with photographs. Perhaps what most appeals to someone to buy it is how well it works if you don’t demand you too and its secondary screen at a reasonable price. You then leave the estimations we have given.

In favour

  • It is a convenient terminal for every day
  • The secondary screen works pretty well


  • Quite fair to low autonomy
  • Camera with poor dynamic range
  • Frames could be smaller, LG is quite an expert in this