Leo Messi in Esquire: The Star of The Ball Also Wants to Be in The Covers

The world of sports, and especially football, looks out on many occasions to the fashion showcase. This industry takes care of them and treats them as true Kings because for her, these models for a day become large and enticing benefits.

Leo Messi lately it is closely linked to advertising and fashion. We have seen it in advertisements of a well known brand of bread, where not performs very well, also in other related sport where if we find it more comfortable, but the news of this month is that we we will see as the protagonist of a cover page.

It is nothing new for him, but he will be the star of Esquire, in its edition of United Kingdom in the month of March and the truth is that we have discovered that if ever we have already noticed that you play without fear with the trends, here, with this cross costume and those maxi pants is also very comfortable. We review some of their fashion moments!

The Gala, you want to draw the attention

This Argentine, almost raised in Barcelona is a fan of Italian firm provided that there should be an outfit for a special occasion. Dolce & Gabanna is your fetish, and no wonder, because even if they do not want, they still have connotations a little tacky and flamboyant.

We don’t see many acts but when it is nominated for his work in the field risks until the end with their outfits, commented by everyone and debated among those who horrified him and those other faithful who support him on all occasions..

With metallic moles or velvet, He never says no to the trends on a red carpet. I see that it goes very well with the trophies but would match in the meantime classicism wearing has the sports world? The attention makes it, no doubt.

The covers of Leo

His style has changed a lot during his career as a footballer. At the beginning we saw a more self-assured Leo, close and that not much cared about his image. He had hair longer than now and almost always wore tousled. Now, in addition to caring for their outfits, also cares its always perfect shave and hairstyles.

It seems that he has understood that you to be a player “ advertising ” must have desire and time. Do you think your last home? With respect to the first change is surprising.