Lacoste Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: We Moved to The Ice Cream Desert

New York fashion week, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, its course continues the most urban and cosmopolitan globe proposals. Today we are going to see the collection of Lacoste, where man plays a very close to the women’s role.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista it travels to the essence brand studying René Lacoste, the tennis star who devised the firm and who invented the pole which is known as “L.12.12”, which introduced short sleeve and petit Piqué as ideal texture for its play on the field. Are you ready for this ice cream desert?

We started with a gradient pattern. In general the parade will follow a path between colors, the lighter up to the range of dark tones with the appearance of black. A rigid pattern oversize coats to overcome the next cold spell autumn/winter 2013 / 2014.

And no forgetting the most vivid and warm colors. For Lacoste, his desert not afraid ringtones as the Orange and so he does it we know through this total look. Be careful because we could end up being the mascot of the world of 92. And you know that 90s did some damage to the fashion!

Play with color changes in geometric shapes, whether in peak or with horizontal lines. Tissue, as we have said before is pique in its different forms and this fabric has architectural volumes that frame the proportions of a fairly accurate collection.

If I have to stay with an output of the parade is without doubt this. I really like how they have played with colors (grey, white and two shades of green). Would take me perfectly with jeans jeans and sneakers. I think I need it!

And travel up to the dark part, and, as first exit we have another print in gradient digital. The truth is that he reminds me too clothing for snow by the texture and precisely because of that print.

And in this journey of colors Blue also has its niche primarily to give prominence to different bars strategically placed. Do you dare to wear clothing as well?

And for those who answered Yes to the preceding question, bring the most excessive of the collection. Lines in the structures of the garments that not only combine in color but share textures and it’s a trend that we try to instill this season both pants and jerseys and jackets will be the year of his triumph 2014?

What did you think of Lacoste? What clothing do you prefer?