Kills Apple Aperture For OS X: “Photos” To Take Over

Apple will no longer continue to develop its professional photo application, Aperture and the standard program iPhoto for OS X. As the loop directly experienced by Apple, the announced at WWDC app called photo along with the iCloud photo library will instead take over their tasks.

The planned release of photo app for OS X and iOS is to provide a seamless experience and better connect the two operating systems. Users should therefore have the possibility, in the secure iCloud upload their photos at any time and so quick and easy to access. Even iPhoto should be replaced by the new photo software, which will allow you to browse all your recordings in the iCloud from any Apple device and edit.

Without Prejudice To Other Professional Applications

Photo for OS X will be released according to Apple 2015. Who uses aperture for a long time, needs have his existing data but don’t worry: existing aperture libraries you want to you can import to the launch in photo. According to the information provided by the loop, users of other professional Apple tools such as Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro also have no reason to worry: these and other professional applications from Cupertino remain unaffected and still maintained by Apple.