Keyboard Microsoft HUB Tea Leaves The Fingertips Contacts, Documents and a Translator

The garage of Microsoft is working at full power these days. After removing Google Play in two new applications of productivicad: Sprightly and Kaizala, today it is the turn of a keyboard for Android. And no, it has nothing to do with the recent acquisition of SwiftKey.

If your ideal keyboard is full of emojis or similar Microsoft HUB is not for you. The key word here is the productivity and the plug-ins integrated into the keyboard itself (hence the name HUB), which allow you to a quick access features such as Clipboard, your Office documents, your documents and the translator.

A slightly green keyboard

Microsoft HUB Keyboard is a keyboard for Android very normalito, whose main – and probably only – point of interest is focused on the rear bar of the same, which includes shortcuts to various accessories.

For now, Microsoft HUB is provided with four extensions:

  • Clipboard: which offers you quick access to the Clipboard
  • Documents: After connecting it with Office 365, you can access your Office documents in the cloud.
  • Contacts: You can access your contacts so that you can easily write their names.
  • Translator: It includes a language translator built into the keyboard itself.

Depending on the application of keyboard you use, it is possible that you already have a fast keyboard or autocompletion for contacts, access which makes for my the most interesting addition is precisely the translator. Works well and is very comfortable: much faster than walking alternating between applications.

However, in the case of Microsoft HUB, highlights both its functions as that lacks. There are no almost options, You may not use gestures to write, You can not configure different languages and sometimes it seems to have some delay. Is clear that this “car” just out of the garage still missing a few adjustments.

Hub Keyboard, Preview0.9.0.1

  • Version of Android: Since 4.3
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Download it in: Google Play / APK Mirror
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity