Is Official: Apple Will Open Its First Apple Store of Turkey on April 5, with Included Gala

We already have definite dates after half a year of rumors: Apple will open its first Turkish Apple Store on Saturday, April 5 at 10 in the morning. Thus it appears both on the official website and on posters that have been placed on the outside of the premises in the Zorlu Center of Istanbul Mall.

This openness, moreover, will have something peculiar: a Gala celebration in which to possibly see the CEO of Apple Tim Cook with President Abdullah Gul Turkish. With this, the official Apple stores will be distributed already by sixteen countries.

I bet what you want that, insofar as what you see in the picture is open, we will see a good glass cube chairing this shopping gallery. This Apple Store It will have more than two thousand square meters, and so it is spoken will host two Genius Bar to offer technical assistance to more customers at the same time. We will be waiting for it to withdraw the promotional banners to see the store in all its glory.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who we are sending photographs of the Apple Store from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, whose facade is already discovered and increasingly is that less to open officially. To that, of course, do not miss.