Iklips Duo: Smart USB Flash Drive for iphone and ipad Tested

Who like itunes already? For many years the music – and file-management tool from Apple was many a thorn in the side. Especially Windows users complain of poor performance and hardly any access to the files in iphone, ipad or ipod touch. Now users can even MKV or MP4 files via cable and itunes on the ipad play, but because of the complicated handling only a few do it. With the iklips duo that could change.

Everything has an end, only the stick has two

While the ipad with classic USB flash drives can do little, which is equipped iklips duo with two ends: a USB end to the connector on the computer and a lightning end for the iphone or ipad. The iklips duo is prepared for the exfat format and is therefore easily with both Macs and pcs.

Apple Lightning: practical accessories

Iklips app as a file manager

The first connecting of the sticks on the ipad immediately opens a dialog window with the offer to download the free app, iklips. It acts as a file manager. The spannensten is certainly the red button in the middle of the app, with the you backups of the ipad on the stick can drop. But not complete backups, as they were by icloud or itunes possible but backups of contacts or pictures. Yet: There’s never been an easier way, photos of the ios device to download.

Iklips app as a Media Center

But also on images, photos, and music on the stick are filed, you access. The iklips app itself on common file formats and even MKV files directly from the stick again, without having previously would have to change the file format on the computer. Playback worked completely smoothly in the first test.

Iklips is comfortable and expensive

Showed up In the first practice test: iklips duo is practical and will ipad for many and iphone owners the answer be. Only this kind of comfort allows himself to say the iklips princely pay. In online trading, the cheapest model with 32 gigabytes of memory with just under 100 euros to beech beats pretty steep!

Video on the subject

Films to watch series and photos on the ipad, is cruel, if has itunes nothing to do unless you have this stick. Easily watch movies on ipad thanks to iklips DUO