Huawei P9: Embarrassing Breakdown of Advertising on Google Plus

Huawei touches for his Smartphone P9 neatly beat the big drum. Especially the dual rear-view camera, Leica developed in cooperation with the photography veteran, is at the heart of the praises. To change the depth of field, no wonder: with features such as the monochrome mode for filterless black and white snapshots and the possibility of the double Knipse offers some innovations. A promotion on Google plus is becoming the Chinese manufacturer but now the flop. The reason: A photo, which apparently was shot at first glance with the camera of the Huawei P9, comes in fact from an expensive professional camera.

Misleading advertising goes back

Huawei shows published on Google plus an image and the model Foodbloggerin Ella Mills. The long brown hair falling in perfect curls over her shoulders, the rising sun provides chic effects on the lens. So far so good. In the accompanying text, Huawei wrote: we have managed to capture a beautiful Sunrise with Deliciously Ella. With the dual of the Huawei P9 Leica camera, it is a pleasure to take photos under these light conditions. Reinventing Smartphone photography and share your sunrise pictures with us. Although the manufacturer does not explicitly claimed that the snapshot was created using the P9, this impression could arise but quite. Annoying for Huawei: image properties was to see that an expensive professional camera had captured the substantial motive.

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Huawei takes position

Dumped the emerging criticism of the fans not to the Smartphone manufacturer from the far East and has expressed to Android police regarding allegations of fraud: recently was made aware that an image on our social media channels with the Huawei P9 was shot. The photo, which is a professional recording and recorded during the filming of a spot to the Huawei P9 is should inspire our community. We realize that we should have been clearer with regard to the caption. It was never our intention to cause someone to nose around. We apologize for this and have removed the image.