HTC Sold 24.6 Million Smartphones in 2010, Financial Results

As each exercise, they end the quarters and leading manufacturers report their financial results, we have seen him this morning with Sony Ericsson, and now Taiwanese of HTC they do the same.

Taking into account that the company work only with Smartphones (the market with further growth), and that the year 2009 was much more productive than the Sony Ericsson, it not surprise us that projection in this case is positive. HTC has sold more than twice as many phones the previous year.

Specifically we speak of 24.6 million Smartphones signed by the Taiwanese company, if compared with the 11.7 million in 2009, we can ensure that the company is on a roll at full sail. The figures which you can see in the table below correspond to new Taiwanese dollars, if it leads to ambiguity, but will help us to understand the growth:

If we do not trust the numbers of units sold, we can take a look to the income in the last quarter, an increase of 93% over the same period of 2009. The total revenue of the year have been 9.442 million.

But a company works by benefits, appearance that have managed to do it really well, increasing by 134% compared to the same period of 2009. We speak of total profits for the year of $ 2,730 million.

In this last quarter, covering the months between September and December, pusieron market 9.1 million phones, which represents an increase of 163% compared with the same quarter in 2009.

The average price per terminals also climbed, from 348 dollars in the last quarter of 2009 to 364 dollars, an important value taking into account during 2010 that the price had been falling.

Clients have a great concept from HTC, and it seems that little by little is becoming a loyal audience that renews terminals. Speaking of phones, at the Mobile World Congress we have to present a preview on phones and tablets that prepare succulent news,.

In the first quarter of 2011 are focused on the implementation of phones with 4G connectivity, mainly in the United States, where have been postulated as an excellent choice for operators wanting to fight the omnipresent iPhone, with the alternative of the Android operating system. 2011 will be a very important year for Windows Phone 7, and it will help to further improve the level of sales and profits.

HTC expects to sell in the first four months, which tend to be somewhat weaker than the last quarter of the year, around 8.5 million units. The Taiwanese company is currently fourth Smarpthones manufacturer worldwide.