How to Link Outlook or Yahoo Mail with Gmail to Enjoy All Its Functions in a Single Site

For more than one year you can use any mail as Outlook or Yahoo Mail account from Gmail for Android to manage post all your accounts from a single application and see all your email from your Unified Inbox, but only with your Gmail account could enjoy functions as protection antispam of Gmail or the automatic sorting of the mail, so far.

The new version of Gmail for Android (version 5.11) allows you to “gmailizar” your email to get Gmail functions for all your mail. In other words, easy link your other email account with your Gmail account. Of time with Outlook/Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, although more suppliers will be supported.

The functions of Gmail for all your mail

If you linked account of Outlook/Hotmail o Yahoo Mail enjoy one of Gmail’s:

  • The Gmail spam protection
  • Automatic classification of mail types (Social, notifications and promotions)
  • Faster search with advanced traders
  • All your email in one place
  • Best post notifications
  • Google Now cards based on your other email account

Add account

To link an account with Gmail the first thing you have to do is to add a new address in Gmail for Android from the option Add account What settings or display the date of our account of the navigation pane. There you just have to follow your wizard to add account.

Link account

Once added to your other email account as just have to link it with Gmail, so you have to go to the Settings, touch the account which is not Gmail that you want to link to Gmail and click on Link account.

There in your wizard, you must reconfigure your account which is not Gmail to identify you and give you the necessary permissions in the event that you require. Just before the end, you will have to select that email address want to be the default for sending mailings.

Your two email accounts have been merged in a single Inbox and you will enjoy all the features of Gmail in all your emails. Your avatar will tell you, with a logo, you have one has linked.

Respond to emails and default address

Gmail for Android will send and answer emails by your default address, even if at any time you can choose sender to use playing at “Of”. Also from your account settings You can change the default address.

Unlink account

If already not interested in having our other linked with Gmail account we can unlink the from the settings. At the time of unlink the account We can keep a copy of emails from another account or delete them. The post will always stay in the Inbox of your provider.

What happens to the mailbox from another provider?

Read post: Emails that we read from Gmail are also marked as read in the mailbox of another provider.

Move mails to the trash: Deleted emails will also be placed in the Recycle Bin of your account from another provider and will be removed when the amount of time configured to empty the trash in the other email provider.

Archive post: When archives email in Gmail “Archive” folder will be created in the other vendor account.

Tags and folders: Gmail labels are displayed as folders in your other provider. If you add multiple labels to a message is to create multiple copies of this message to each of the folders.