HERE Maps Says Goodbye-HERE WeGo Says Which?

HERE WeGo is the new and updated navigationsapp from HERE, and it introduces a new and improved directions to a wide range of means of transport.

HERE Maps has long been known as one of the great players in the navigation-gamete and among the Favorites with offline map features. As one of the few mobile applications with navigation, you can freely download HERE map of with countries or entire continents, so you do not have to use the data connection.

Now is HERE so come up with a new and updated version that has hit the App Store and Google Play Great today. The update also comes with a new name, and we must now say goodbye to HERE Maps and bid HERE WeGo welcome.

The name change is primarily due to here’s new targeted focus on huritg and easy directions, which, of course, are consumers ‘ most used function. When you open the app you are now greeted by a “Which?” field, where you can easily enter your desired destination.

In addition follows so the improved overview of means of transport, which is now made up by category in an easy and manageable list, where you get different routing options with EVS. delays, time of arrival, as well as other information about the route.

Here brings some new forms of WeGo now also transport in games, and introduces, among other things. Support for taxi and parts-car companies, such as URf.eks. Car2Go. However, this is only in a few major cities, and there is unfortunately no Danish to figure on the list.

HERE, however, tells that in the coming months will add taxi-information in several countries and add more companies for car sharing.

Last but not least, so have they with WeGo tried to do more for cyclists, so directions in higher degree will give information on elevation on the route, where much of the road, which is on the bike path, as well as ongoing updates about what’s ahead as weather, road junctions, etc.

You can read much more about the new app directly on here’s blog page or watch the video below. The app is already now ready for both iOS and Android.