Google Pixel XL Generates More Profit by Selling Terminal to Its Main Competitors

Google Assistant, Android 7.1 Nougat, a super hardware and a super price (and not because of low), all that and more was announced at the event in which the Mountain View presented the Pixel and Pixel XL. Smartphone, manufactured by HTC, are a few high-end prices which shot many back.

Perhaps the bad habit of the Nexus 4 and 5, with its so outrageously low prices, we have entered in the head than the Nexus (and now the Pixel) should not be as expensive as the rest of the high range. Finally the reality we gave all the nose with a price for the XL Pixel of $769.

However, as any terminal since time immemorial, It has its manufacturing cost which, as we shall see, is slightly greater than the competitors. This time we will see the Samsung Galaxy S7 (the small), iPhone 7, Huawei P9 and, of course, Pixel XL costs to get an idea. All data is taken from IHS, whose Gallery of tables you’ll see at the end of the article.

32 GB, 285 dollars Google Pixel XL

The price of making Google Pixel XL is of 285,75 dollars, which includes the costs of basic manufacturing ($7.75), leaving the cost of materials in a total of 278 dollars. But we desgranemos the price of some of the most important components and see how much is spent the big G in them.

The processor, a Snapdragon 821, It costs Google $50, a price that will collide a bit when we see a little of the 820 Snapdragon, but not us forward and continue. The 3.450 mAh, manufactured by LG Chem battery Li-Po, sale for only $4, while the pair of cameras cost $17.60.

If we go to the set of memories, both the 32 GB of Samsung NAND and RAM LPDDR4 from SK HYNIX cost $26.50. Finally, 5.5 inches and resolution QHD AMOLED screen (Samsung, obviously) out of $58. We cannot forget the $ 10 that cost charger, cable and adapter that comes in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of 32 GB, $255

The first flagship of this year from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 It went on sale for about $670, It took to make it 255,05 dollars, including basic manufacturing (5.50 dollars). The first thing that will draw attention is the cost of the Snapdragon 820, a whopping $62, curious when Snapdragon 821 for Pixel XL, as we saw, is $ 50.

This difference in price to the passage of time we selective, given that data, coming from IHS, are March and may have changed in recent months. Of course, we do not forget the Exynos version (are like Teruel, also exists), but no data of their price, so we will have to live with the mystery.

The screen SuperAMOLED, of 5.1 inches and resolution QHD, manufactured by the own Samsung, for 55 dollars, still the second most expensive component of the terminal (between the two are eaten almost half of the manufacturing cost of the terminal). 3,000 mAh Li-Po, manufactured by Samsung, battery, costs $3.65.

From to cameras, the rear out 13,70 dollars and the front for $1.95. For the part of memories, have Samsung’s 32 GB NAND for $7.25, while the RAM (LPDDR4) 4 GB goes for $25. Finally, the contents of the box has a value of $6.40.

iPhone 32 GB, $224 7

Other large competitors, and the greatest enemy of Samsung, took his ship logo to market by 649 dollars in its most basic version (32 GB of storage), but the price of manufacturing is 224, 80 dollars. If you look at your processor, the Apple A10, manufactured by TSMC, it goes for $26.90.

Apple A10 is a quad-core chip built in 16 nm FinFET, 64-bit architecture and a 6-core GPU. Passing to the IPS screen, whose manufacturer is not mentioned, of 4.7 inches and resolution 1.334 x 750 pixels, sale by 43 dollars, placing it as the most expensive component.

In terms of cameras, 7 and 12 MP back Assembly MP front exits from 19.90 dollars, manufacturer is not mentioned. 1,960 mAh, manufactured by Huizhou Desay battery Li-Po has a price of $2.50, while its NAND memory of 32 GB of SK Hynix, along with the * 2 GB LP DDR4 RAM, manufactured by Samsung is worth 16.40 dollars *.

Huawei P9, $205

The first flagship the year of Huawei, Huawei P9, is the cheapest of all, both in price (around 600 dollars) as in the fabrication 205,25 dollars, It includes the basic manufacturing 6.50 dollars. The processor, the Kirin 955, manufactured by themselves, is priced at $27.

Its IPS 5.2 inches FullHD screen, manufactured by Japan Display, sale for $27.50, standing, with only half dollar, as the most expensive component after the processor. If we go to cameras and Bluetooth module and WLAN, set (rear dual camera, front and the mentioned modules) are 19,50 dollars.

Cameras, by the way, are manufactured by Sunny Optical Technology. As for the battery, whose manufacturer is not specified, of 3,000 mAh Li-Po, is priced at $3.65.

Google, which earns more by selling terminal

After seeing all this litany of data of some (not all) of the components and their costs, the only conclusion that we reached is that all have a not-too-distant profit margin. Which has more profit margin by selling terminal is Google with 483,25 dollars.

More than 60 dollars of difference there is between the search engine and Apple, the second, with a margin of $424,20. Just after, with 414,95 dollars of profit by selling terminal, comes Samsung, as the last Huawei $394,75 you take out profit when selling your P9.

As you can see, all the prices are taken into account, Since manufacturing costs data are also from the time of their placing on the market, with which these may vary today, only for that record. We must also take into account that the benefits are reduced if we take into account costs of transportation, advertising, etc..

I think the most striking thing is that Google wants to win so much money with their smartphones as other manufacturers or more, and test is on the benefits that saca sold terminal, while other manufacturers are kept more or less in line. Yes, I would say that Google is now one more manufacturer, only has factories.

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