Evolution of Income Average Per Minute in Spain: Orange Is Put at The Head with The Lowest

Do you remember when Vodafone claimed in their advertising to be the cheapest? Did putting as source to the CMT and so used the income per minute It is the most accurate way of controlling the evolution of the market since it is calculated with billed minutes total and total revenue for this reason so it includes all fees, call shops, savings, promotions, etc options.

If in the data that we know about the evolution of the number of lines and revenue of mobile operators Orange He came out as the worst stop, also happens to be the one that has the average income per minute lower of the four operators with own network.

The economic crisis, increased competitiveness and the proliferation of bonds of minutes without call set-up has made than income per minute back to be reduced to achieve the 14.71 cents/minute as national average.

But this average has little to do in practice that an operator is more expensive or cheaper because there rates and solutions for all tastes as demonstrated in comparisons of rates we do where to highlight the differences of each one to choose the best for each particular case since it is impossible to establish a universal rule that recommends the “ best rate ” for each user.

Focusing on the evolution of the average income per minute in Spain, the result is the following:

  • Movistar It has lowered its average a 12.5% last year to establish in 16.08 your average price per minute.
  • Vodafone cut a 5.39% the middle and sets in 1455 cents the average min.
  • Orange is that less cuts its median with a 3.66% but is at the head of the cheapest with 13.66 cents per minute.
  • Yoigo It is the only one that looks to raise the average income per minute a 9.56 percent which equals the average of Vodafone with 1455 cents.

The truth is that there is very little difference between a few operators and others in terms of average income per minute which shows that if you know choose operator, we can get maximum savings possible almost in any operator If you know well combine the advantages offered by each.