Dell Stops Development of Android Tablets

From and over: the well-known computer manufacturer Dell is developing and selling its Android tablets. A spokesman of the U.S. giant has now announced in writing this the pcworld Web site. Dell founded the exit with a saturation of the market for classic tablets and the accompanying falling demand from customers. In the future, the Group wants to focus on hybrid device with Windows, which can be transformed with just a few hand movements from a Tablet into a laptop with a keyboard.

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No updates in the future

Not only users are affected by the end of the Android tablets at Dell who soon wanted to buy such a device, but also customers who already own such a device of Group: because Dell has also announced that already sold venue tablets in the future don’t receive software updates more. It is also the venue of 8 7840 affected, that at the launch with a construction height of just 6.2 millimeters and the high resolution AMOLED display appearance caused, graduated from the COMPUTER screen test but only with the endnote 2.91. Dell wants to meet in the future only warranty claims and mandatory services.

Dell venue 8 7840: product photos and screenshots

Figures confirm Dell

Also if Dell’s decision for the user has now negative consequences, the numbers of market researcher IDC give the group right: because a Dell is not listed there among the five largest Tablet manufacturers, which speaks for a small success of the group in this sector. On the other hand the entire sales of tablets sank in the first quarter of 2016 compared to 14.7 percent to 39.6 million units. It also 4.9 million hybrid devices with attachable keyboard are included, Dell now wants to focus on and possibly also with more success: IDC predicts the equipment in any case a rosier future.