Crazy about The Basics: H & M Presents Four Basic That Can Not Miss in Your Closet

In Jezebel man We always tend to show the collections, with the most notable items and the most complete looks. But I always worry in stress is the importance of the basics when it comes to building a good set: a shirt in white, blue or black, t-shirts baking, basic shoes, point sweaters or cardigans in neutral colors… garments that at first sight they say nothing but that undoubtedly become the canvas upon which we will build our look. And H & M that understands enough, We are not going to deceive…

The Bakery shirts they are one of the basics in the sport and informal groups. In colour black, gray or white, they wear pants if alone and are the perfect combination to combine with jersey or jacket. Simple, with a different touch thanks to its closure with buttons and boat neck and perfect to start building a multi-layered set.

The shirts they are a basic, of that there can be no doubt, but definitely the Queen of them all is the white shirt and more in the fall season that will help us to get the game jerseys of earthy colors and the dark. Bottlenecks have kicked, but certainly the Italian and English they are the most aided where we want to wear the shirt if single.

Loose neck boat t-shirts, ideal for a more youthful look and indie. A diluted and discreet print can become the perfect complement to a cowboy or a Chinese pants for a casual outfit that simplicity is our best weapon.

And finally, Mandarin collar shirts. This shirt is clearly intended to show off if alone or in very specific cases, with crewneck sweaters (big mistake combined with V necks). Its oriental flair makes them garments with great force and one of the essential items for our Ibiza look or ad-lib.