Competitors Exploit Apple Maps Errors

Competitors takes advantage of the launch of the iPhone 5, iOS, as well as 6 with Apple Maps to advertise their own products.

Since the launch of the iPhone and iOS 5 6 has Apple’s competitors advertised on the Strip, among other things, Samsung with their¬†“it doesn’t take a genius”-advertising.

Now Motorola has gone the same way and compare now card service on their brand new Motorola Razr M with iPhone 5.

It is clear that the advertisement goes after iPhone 5 as well as Apple’s new map service, and with the words “The real world that’s fit for your hand” goes not only for Apple Motorola Maps, but also the size of their device, which according to the advertisement will fit in any hand.

Is it okay to other manufacturers takes advantage of Apple’s media coverage?¬†View the advertisement from Motorola including and give your opinion in the comments box.