CMT November Results: Orange Is Maintained as The More Beneficiary

After a long period with negative results from the Orange It was Amena, the French operator takes several months being the only one who also achieved positive results of portability from Movistar and Vodafone, but also from October It has managed to improve the results of Yoigo It seems to have stagnated.

Focusing on the net income from the portability of the month of November 2010, the trend of recent months is maintained with losses of 3,521 lines in Movistar and Vodafone 53.323 while the MVNOs continue recovering with 7,914 won lines, Telstra added 13.170 and Orange returns to lead the month with 35.760 new lines.

Taking into account the quarterly data that combine all the highs and all casualties (whatever the reason) with a truer reflection of the situation on the market, especially highlights the large uptake of Orange that has been with most of the cake while Vodafone continues to grow timid. The other operators have been lowering their percentage compared to the previous month. The following image represents the total of lines won by all operators during the last three months:

Will the best results of Orange and Vodafone have relationship with its new low-cost fares and the integrated rates to speak and surf? will Movistar react? and the small operators?


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