Can The Emergence of The Nintendo Switch Benefit or Harm Games Android?

Today has been (so) the Nintendo Switch, a console with some closeness to modularity, i.e., you can “separate” parts so that you can continue playing wherever you are, and even play with other people, either in your House or outside without having to carry a huge backpack to carry it all.

For now, both its price and its specifications are to complete a mystery, and it will, if there are no delays, in March of the coming year. But what interests us right now is if this mysterious semi console can benefit or harm in some way to the Android games.

Surely more than one might think that there is considerable distance between the consoles and mobile phones, and not remove him the reason, but by far that they seem to be both platforms, it is possible that influence the one into the other. And to find out if this time will exist that influence we will have to wait still many months after the release of the console.

The price of the console and its games might be a good alternative to Android

One of the many reasons that someone spends is € 600 or more on an Android smartphone is for to run all games fluently as possible, by demanding that is. In addition, Android most such games are free, which makes them even more attractive.

If the Nintendo Switch is relatively cheap and offers a wide range of games at a good price, It could lead to one of the users who buy a high-end, among other things, for the games. In this way, the above users could comply with a range media and use their Nintendo anywhere.

Obviously, to carry two different devices (mobile and console) it’s much less comfortable, but if you are on a relatively long journey, you can take the console in his backpack out to account. But for this to happen, both the console and the games should have a good price and the catalogue of the latter should be broad enough to give the user options.

What can benefit the Nintendo Switch to Android?

The somewhat risky concept that has brought us Nintendo however, opens the door to a world of imagination It can help to make your mobile phone into a portable console even more suitable for the games, because we all know that the touch controls do not always are the best choice.

This console might begin to revolutionize the way in which video games are designed for Android, adding, in cases in which it does not have, compatibility with bluetooth controls, and how to improve it in all cases. This would mean that, without a doubt, more ‘gamers’ in their mobile experience improve consierablemente.

Even It could influence the design of smartphones from manufacturers who are more risk to give you some modularity that allows physically add a remote control made for that kind of mobile (one-half to one side) and the other to the other, either by rail, or with some kind of magnet that does not affect the internal circuitry, or even using the existing connectors.

These accessories will be an additional expense for the user who wants to improve your gaming experience, but is it, ultimately, that decides whether it is worthwhile or not. This is possibly the most visible benefit it could bring this curious console to the Android world.

It influence real Android or not?

To know the response objective to this question We will have to wait, at least, many months after the sale of the Nintendo Switch and see what effect has in mobile games and the design of own phones in the future. The possibility is there, and the weapon of mobility can be a motive of purchase for many.

I guess that each will expose your opinion, but I I think that it will not have a significant impact on the Android world and their games, because it is not their field of competition. Instead you will have to fight with the more recent PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and its most favourable point is to take the console with you. Either way, let’s hope and see where the Nintendo Switch is located.