Bike 360, Google Watch That Should Be Submitted to Apple

A quick summary for those who have been lost the news. Motorola It has shown a Smart clock based on Android Wear which is probably one of the first models that could put me on the wrist. ES elegant, reasonably discreet (compared with their bulky cousins of Samsung) and seems to be able to some interesting functions through a minimalist interface everything Google is doing lately online.

Is called Moto 360 and like me, so either or I’m going soft with age, or Google has finally learned to play the same game as Apple as far as design is concerned. Of course, there is a great but in this matter and is that the bike 360 is like almost all things presenting Google in the field of hardware: a compendium of good intentions that looks great in the videos but rarely causes a real impact in the market… If it is to be marketed in the.

It is what is reality. In a conceptual video, a simple gesture always takes us to the screen we want, nothing fails in the chain of steps that allows us to play the ukulele for our wedding on the roof of a building by video conferencing thanks to an imaginary drums made with the heart of a star. But at least Google is permitted the luxury of dreaming big and pursuing that dream. Wearables, cars, interactive sculptures… everything has a place among the moonshots of the giant search engines, a label that has been them small.

True, the innovation of Apple does not play dice. Apple’s Tim Cook, as Steve Jobs, prefer to be sure of having hit the nail before bet on something and when it does, does so with release date. I am sure that Apple has their watches, bracelets, flat screens and all sorts disparate prototypes protected lime and singing in the most hermetic room of the Cupertino campus, and that’s fine. We had a great discovering surprises, right?

Competition is greater than ever, it’s time to risk

But when the surprises that make us dream are slow in coming, the problems that can confront the Apple beyond the setback of not being the first. After all, Apple has always been vanagloriado to find the midpoint between technology and the Arts (a recipe competition strives to replicate), but this needs all kinds of multidisciplinary talents. New blood, new approaches to problems that we didn’t know that we had. Few talents who see the same videos to us. The type of talent that Google contacts thanks to his promiscuous agenda and that probably look at Mountain View as the perfect place to work.

Steve Jobs once said that “we have not been the first, but we will be the best.” It is a good appointment, but sometimes also should be remember that “practice makes perfect” and it is high time that we see a little Apple launched the iPod, iMac or iPhone, real, so great products in its conception that made us forget its imperfections polishing edges generation after generation. Competition is greater than ever, it’s time to risk.