AwSMS Is The SMS Application You Were Looking for

It is very likely to read and send SMS from your mobile phone using the native application pre-installed, usually called Messages, or perhaps you have gone beyond and installed Google Messenger, without trying the many applications present in Google Play SMS. The truth is that the Google Messenger is pretty well, with an interface Material Design and valid on most occasions, but goes quite right options and functions.

Today we are presenting AwSMS, a SMS application that does deserve to give him a chance, because it finally provides some fresh air and thousands of options to this messaging system. You could say that it is a Messenger here, or could it be Messenger if Google were not passed from simplistic when designing your applications.

SMS, welcome to the new Millennium

Many of us relate the past to SMS, and perhaps that is why do not realize that most of the SMS applications are fairly short in functions, with the same three buttons now that those who had years ago.

AwSMS is an application which finally adapts to recent times and adds many additional features. It not only has a interface Material Design, but that has many customization options over their appearance, themes and colors (even has a mode night).

Customization is undoubtedly the highlight of AwSMS. You can configure in detail with the avatars that you accompany messages, view of the talks and the appearance of notifications.

Screen options are endless

AwSMS leading options include the multiple selection message, the quick answers from notifications, support of Android Wear and, as mentioned above, thousand and one configuration options to make sure that everything is as you like.

The application is in beta and is free, with a few blocked functions reserved for the paid version, which costs 1.11 euros. In any case, the free version is fully functional and has enough features and options as fun a good time.


  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: GHerrm
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication