Apple Rounds Big Milestone-a Billion Sold iPhones

The day after the slightly disappointing quarterly accounts were put forth, can Apple instead rejoice in another novelty-They’ve rounded a billion sold iPhones

Apple has just held a large employee meeting in their headquarters in Cupertino, where thousands of Apple employees were invited to the big celebration.

The meeting could be Apple’s CEO Tim Cook for reveal that in the past week rounded a billion sold iPhones. It tells you in their press release here.

Cook could proudly step into on stage with an iPhone lifted high in the air, in the same way as Steve Jobs made it back in 2007 when the world was presented for the first time for Apple’s phone.

“the iPhone has been one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in the history. It has been more than just than a faithful companion. the iPhone is without a doubt become an essential part of our daily lives and helps us much of what we do in the course of a day. Last week we rounded a huge milestone when we sold the milliardte the iPhone, “ said Tim Cook at mødedet.

It is also impressive in many ways, that in less than a decade has sold so many units, and it is to understand that they are happy for the result.

But it cannot be avoided that mentioned that the magnificent result comes in the wake of a difficult time for Apple. In the past two quarterly accounts is Apple gone back in iPhone sales — something they would otherwise never have tried before.

It is now exciting to look forward to the next iPhone launch, and for the next two/three phones can help to get the Apple on track once again.

“We have never addressed after that do the most, but we have always wanted to make the best products that make a difference. Thanks to everyone at Apple for your help every day to change the world, “concluded Tim Cook.