Apple Patent Blocking Cameras on Concerts

On concerts the Smartphone should actually stay in your pocket it’s too bad to look at the events on stage on the small screen and with outstretched arms to hold the camera. But should not ultimately remain the choice of the visitor? In a patent by 2011, which for the first time reached the public, Apple describes as being infrared capable, then switch off the camera, when the lens is focused on the stage. Some customers are already without scheduling the technology only in the approach to the practice, up in arms.

Iphone glass Edition: so iphone can be beautiful

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What, if it checked anyone?

The charges against Apple, to plan this patent only in theory, are versatile. Not only concert goers are now afraid to store a short clip as a souvenir, not even in the future, but also the concern for an expansion to other areas of life is great. What, if the police uses such technology in crisis areas, so that recordings of any wrongdoing no longer the public reach? What, if Governments have to lock public places for recordings with these channels or no longer allow free photography museums? The scope of possibilities would be anyway, much higher than a few fans of the movies at concerts to hold.

Patent remains patent

Apple has been known to sign any obsession with still so immediately as a patent. There were already advertising in macos, smartphones in curved glass, and many other, sometimes adventurous, approaches all but only in theory. Rarely, a patent shall promptly also apply. Therefore, it is quite possible that even this technique in the tray disappears and is never used. Also: No iphone offers far infrared with current devices that sensors were so incompatible.