Apple-Head: Scratches in the iPhone 5 Is Perfectly Normal

Apple has apparently only a shrug to spare for problems with scratches in the iPhone 5.

Shortly after the first iPhone 5 units had come into the hands of ordinary users, there came reports of cracks in the phones.

Perhaps someone had been too rough on their new Apple toys, or the iPhone 5 extremely receptive opposite scratches.

The website has made a quick test that shows the back of a black iPhone 5, very easily gets scratched and ugly, if you do not fit on it.

It succeeded a of our site’s users, to get a mail reply from Apple’s Senior Vice President of marketing Phil Schiller.

In an email to Schiller writes the user that he has gotten marks and scratches in his new iPhone 5.

The answer from Schiller is short: “Any aluminum product may scratch and chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal

If the response can be taken at face value, will iPhone 5 users apparently had to fit extra well on their new iPhone.