Apple Ends The 30 Anniversary of The Mac with a Last Video Recorded with IPhone

It was rumored that Apple was going to use the Superbowl of yesterday to issue another ad the 30 anniversary of the Mac, but at the end it has not happened. But the company has surprised us with a new video that captures all the prominence of your website, and with reason: is recorded in a day and based on iPhones.

The idea of Apple has been the of send to fifteen recording equipment to register activities in which the Mac has something to do. Photographic safaris, classes at universities or a simple breakfast with someone who depends on a prosthesis to live their daily lives. Thus, the video shows how important has become on Mac in many people’s lives.

These fifteen computers, sent to various parts of the world, recorded more than 70 hours of video during the January 24 (day of the anniversary of the Mac) using several units of 5s iPhone. The issue lasted some days more, and on the website explained that thanks to the Mac that process could have taken months.

Obviously has been used professional equipment to record the shots with the quality that you can see in the video. Even so, several producers believed that the videos were taken with professional cameras.

If you have a few minutes or simply want to disconnect, worth see the video and the web that have assembled to tell how occurred. We have again the touch that Apple always gives to these things.