Apple Adds IBeacon to Its Program of Certifications MFi

Apple has added the specification iBeacon to their MFi certification program (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) all those manufacturers who go to launch products and want to make use of the name to obtain the certification. Specifications that are available free for all, but for which there are to sign an agreement of confidentiality (NDA) before accessing them.

The idea of the Cupertino companies is to achieve all products that make use of iBeacon to provide a satisfactory Apple experience. And as we have seen, the uses of iBeacon can be so varied not only in shopping malls or stores with utility, also in video games for iOS could be used.

But there’s no particular restriction in place which makes an iBeacon incompatible with Android or other phones.

It is also interesting to read that does not seem to be something unique for iOS devices. I.e., the use of the mark iBeacon will be something that only Apple-Certified devices can be used but the technology itself does not show signs of being exclusive. Therefore, Android devices could also take advantage of this mode of interconnection of devices that make use of Bluetooth LE.

We will have to wait even a little to go knowing devices that leverage technology and above all are on sale so that everyone can make use of them.