Amazon Fire HD 10 (2016): Test of Wide ALU Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

The 2016er fire HD 10 is identical to the previous model with the exception of the aluminum housing. But the new Amazon fire HD 10 suggested itself quite well: it works with an acceptable pace, despite low resolution, image quality is okay and operating system trimmed on purchasing is still easy to use. The memory is scarce with 11.65 gigabytes, you can extend but. Too bad: Lacks GPS for use as Navi. Best price on the Internet: 199,99 EUR * per order this product at Amazon acceptable speed ordinary, even if not superior picture quality acceptable battery life operating system responds Wi-Fi-ac cons of scarce memory sometimes slow input moderate cameras now evaluate some thick construction mark of editorial 3.24 satisfying user rating Amazon makes pressure: from a small 6-inch version to the big 10 incher 1994 by Jeff Bezos founded company now a wide range of fire-Tablet pcs provides. At less than calculated prices: the cheapest model is currently for 60 Euro, version 10-inch Tablet hitting the here tested 2016er with only 200 euros. For this, customers must take some weaknesses of fire HD 10 in purchase, as shown in the following test.

Amazon fire HD 10 (2016): photos and screenshots

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Is a Board

Tablet manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung use in large-sized tablets on screens in 4:3-format. Disadvantage: The display shows thick black bars when playing cinema hits. On the other hand, Amazon’s fire HD 10 has a 16:10-so only small black bars appear above and below the movie screen during video playback. The catch: The Tablet is therefore somewhat unwieldy and hugely recommended. It has got 26.1 centimeters wide, 15.9 centimeters tall and slightly thick with 8.4 millimeters stately. Weight goes with 443 grams for a 10-incher but more than alright even if it is exactly 13 grams heavier compared to the 2015 plastic variant of the fire HD 10.

Display with weaknesses

The screen of fire HD 10 but has a serious flaw: he shows videos, photos and Web pages with only 1280 x 800 pixels. The playback is therefore not as crisp as at full HD tablets, but something more equipment includes, for example, the Medion P9514 S10345, which is only slightly more expensive. Advantage of the Amazon tablets: it is comparatively bright image content with a maximum brightness of 468,9 candelas per square metre and therefore also suitable for use outdoors in the sunshine. The contrast ratio is somewhat low 1-1029, but alright, this shall also apply for the color fidelity of 91,61 percent.

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The scarce memory slows down the drive

Quite so rosy’s at the pace of work of fire HD 10 doesn’t look. Too bad, because as drive serves the by no means weak processor MT8315 by mediatek. Whose four cores bars if required maximum of 1.5 gigahertz, must however be satisfied with just 1 gigabyte large amounts of RAM. And that slows the pace especially if many apps are parallel open. To feel the user gets in the form of long loading times, two or three Memorial seconds when raised an action at your fingertips, or even an abrupt end an app. This is due to not only the memory but: the Amazon, based on Android 5 operating system fire OS (version 5.01) in the test generally didn’t work so liquid, as pure Android tablets or ipads customers know it. Leafing through the app – or photoset’s jerky sporadically, opening a Web page takes time.

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Battery life

Operating system, processor and display also does not particularly use energy sparingly. With heavy use, the lights went already after eight hours and ten minutes, with low usage there were at least 23 hours and 57 minutes. After the new test procedure landed the fire HD 10 as in the rear. Comparison, the approximately equal Samsung Galaxy tab A managed with heavy use 14 hours and 37 minutes. Strange: the charging of the rechargeable battery the progress indicator showed sporadic different values to them occasionally jumped from 3 to 33 percent and back. With the higher value was the more realistic. Here must Amazon rework.

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Facilities with restrictions

Is also tepid: (free) space is scarce with 11.65 gigabyte, which can be extended if needed but via microsd card. The manufacturer does not offer an LTE version for mobile browsing, GPS for use as a navigation device is missing, too. NFC not there for quick pairing appropriate speakers, for fast Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.1 standard equipment.