Acer Switch Alpha 12: Surface Counterparty In The Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer is well processed, can be versatile, offers a great display and with the exception of LTE radio is a complete equipment. In sum, it is neither better worse than the surface for this but cheaper! Therefore, the Acer switch Alpha 12 is the better choice! Best price on the Internet: 749.00 EUR * per order this product at Amazon high pace of work high image quality noiseless thanks to passive cooling of Wi-Fi-ac, Bluetooth 4.1 C USB port of accurate touch screen cons for graphically complex games unsuitable some high weight Squire battery life test grade of the editorial 2.44 good users rating now evaluate exactly acers 799 euro expensive switch is a Windows Tablet as a notebook-Tablet combo Alpha 12 more. Because the supplied keyboard is much simpler than in a notebook. The comparably equipped Surface Pro 4 Microsoft is currently with rich 1,029 euros. The very expensive so far with 149 Euro keyboard (type cover) provides Microsoft currently free. However, Is the Acer much cheaper but better?

Acer switch Alpha 12: product and detail photos

10 product and detail photos Acer switch see Alpha 12

Smaller, but great display

It’s harder in any case: the Acer weighs stately 920 grams without a keyboard. The surface is 793 grams, although no flyweight but significantly lighter. Good: Like the Microsoft Tablet also the Acer has a stand at the back ideal for the comfortable watching videos. Even when the display is the Acer at eye level: it is somewhat less than that of the Surface Pro 4 (12 instead of 12.3 inches) and displays content with a little less pixels (2160 x 1440 instead of 2736 x 1824 pixels), users to remember that but not the quality of the image moves at a very high level. Photos and videos appear crisp sharp and strong, almost original color (86.80%).

Many reflections, precise touch screen

If something disturbs, it is the strong reflections like the Surface Pro 4. Also good: the Acer for a smear-free playback of fast action scenes in only 10.85 milliseconds does the picture change. And as at the surface input precisely and without delay implement also the touch screen of the Acer. The supplied (cover) convinced but not fully keyboard: the keys offer too small a stroke movement, when typing the entire keyboard vibrates slightly uncomfortable. The integrated touchpad can be operated but comfortable, even if it something when they use.

Video on the subject

Tablet and notebook in a 2016 is the trend. Acer makes it as good and what does the hardware? The test shows it! Acer switch Alpha 12 in the test: Double Pack also double well?

High pace of work

About tying both devices are also in the tempo. No wonder the Acer works with a strong core i5 processor from Intel’s Skylake series and has a fast SSD (119 gigabytes) on board. So was the Acer in spite of scanty with 4 gigabyte memory in the test almost never in the stuttering unless it went to the smooth playback of graphically rich games. But the Acer is made just like the surface. Who still wants to play, must lower the detail reproduction. Then increases game speed by 14 frames per second to 30 frames per second.

Ultra quiet

Tip, however, is the cooling: the Acer operates totally silently thanks to passive processor and chipset cooling like the Microsoft. Also remained relatively cool at the bottom: after two hours a difference to ambient temperature by 10 degrees resulted, on the back of the tester have measured with 26.3 degrees but significantly more.

Long battery life

Expandable, however, is the battery life with three hours and 50 minutes the Acer delivered a decent performance, which was at the level of the surface while. But superior values of the 16 hours, the delivered tab 3 Pro for Android model Lenovo yoga, are both Windows devices far away. Also, the somewhat long loading time sucks: the Acer has two hours and 50 minutes at the power socket, before the battery is fully charged.

These 66 programs are mandatory for notebooks

C USB port, Wi-Fi-ac

This well: the Acer switch Alpha 12 is already going after fast Wi-Fi ac in the network either in the 2.4 gigahertz range or in the less trouble shooting 5-gigahertz band. In addition, the Acer has already a modern, compact USB C port, but also there is a full USB 3.0 connector. The memory can be so easily via external hard drive or USB flash drive, but also via microsd card, the Acer has a card reader also.