45 Firefox with Selective Loading of Images, Goodbye to Honeycomb and More Changes

The latest version of Firefox for Android has satisfactorily passed the trial period and is since yesterday approved to be distributed in your channel’s official launch. As it is usual, the list of changes is quite extensive.

Firefox 45 includes several new options, which has forced Mozilla to redistribute your options panel also. Among the new features is the possibility of selectively load the images, only if you have Wi-Fi or block access to the camera and microphone, ideal for parents who want to have more control over what their children online.

Saving data and more parental control options

If you’re very accurate data and you fear that a web page up images end up with your plan, now in the Firefox options you can change When the images are loaded. You can choose between to load always (the default mode), only if you have WiFi or never. In any case, you can always show an image manually by one long press.

Other changes in Firefox 45 is in support for restricted profiles (usually kids) present in some tablets. In this restricted mode Firefox includes only basic options, and now you can configure in the options if you want to activate or not the use of camera and microphone for each user.

This version also you will be preparing for the farewell to Honeycomb with a message announcing you the end of support for this version of Android. If you want to continue using the latest version of Firefox, you will have to update you.

Other changes Firefox 45 they are more subtle, as the corresponding corrections of errors, the reorganization of the options and restricted profiles management interface or the fact that already do not include the web address when you copy text from a web page.

Browser Firefoxvaria depending on the device

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